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To Be Consistent

To Be Consistent

It’s all about Consistency

Slow and steady wins the race they say and as far as achieving your goals, it is pretty good advise. It is easy to start something new, such as a diet or exercise program and you jump in so hard and fast that it hard to maintain the requirements for an extended period of time.

A key I have learned as far as consistency goes is do what works for you now and build up on it over time. Perhaps a half hour on the treadmill is your current limit. Great, start there and continue with a half hour and eventually you will find adding an additional 10-20 minutes will not be that difficult. Before you know it and hour may become your new “normal.”

The book “Sleight Edge” by Jeff Olson shares how taking small daily steps will over time produce amazing results in your life. That is the power of compounding and consistency.

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